Corporate Profile

Team Thai has emerged as one of the most notable corporate entities with a diverse business portfolio – from soap and detergent manufacturing, to building materials to mining and processing, food products to logistics and plantations. The modern business scenario is one of constant flux; the economic situation is dynamic, and every day, there are new developments in technology. Therefore there is a pressing need to engage in research frequently, and continuously upgrade products and services to keep up with the competition, and to ensure quality that will satisfy the demands of consumers. Our objective is to provide high quality products at reasonable prices so that a larger number of people will be able to afford superior products. We ensure utmost quality control in our production units, and where products are sourced from other vendors, we ensure that they can be trusted with quality and safety. Our customers are individuals, families, corporate houses, the hospitality industry, manufacturers, institutions, and much more.

With our diligence, dedication to excellence and care for the customers, we have succeeded in spreading our wings to conquer new horizons; today our diverse business interests spread throughout India, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Africa. Mr. PC Thahir established Team Thai in 1984, as a cement marketing trading firm. In the next decade, the business interests included various other activities to finally incorporate FMCG as well. The marketing expertise we garnered over the years benefited us greatly. Spurred by the tremendous success we enjoyed initially, we delved into the manufacture of consumer perishables.


We will grow everyday and share this growth with all our stakeholders, employees, retail partners and consumers by consistently providing superior products and services at an unmatched price.


Team Thai believes in always looking ahead, making new records everyday, only to break them.


  • We set records only to break them
  • We deliver value across the value chain from Agriculture to Manufacturing, Processing, Logistics, Distribution & Retail
  • We take pride in delighting our Customer
  • We are committed to our role in business and in society
  • We spread joy, prosperity and well being for every one that is Team Thai Let’s Grow

Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Togetherness
  • Passion
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Courage

Our Culture

  • We believe and promote transparency and openness in all our thoughts, words, and works.
  • We encourage our people to be accountable for their words and actions. We want to see we all grow together.
  • We are competitive and progressive by nature. We set records and cherish in breaking those records.
  • We believe that mediocrity is the greatest enemy to greatness. We will never be complacent.
  • We promote energy and enthusiasm in our people.
  • We love to see our people emerge as self poised leaders.
  • Our growth lies in responding quickly to the changes. Hence our obsession with flexibility in our people
  • We believe in people with right thoughts and actions. We believe our people can grow to that level quickly.
  • We promote learning.
  • We want our people to understand these core beliefs in our culture. We want all of us believe in the same thing.